What We Do

We are in the development phase and hope to start our work funding girls from the European Union who have been accepted to the University of Oxford.

These girls will be selected based on the following two criteria:

  1. Financial Need
  2. Potential to make social impact upon graduating from the University of Oxford

The funds will be partial funding, in exchange for a percentage of the future income of these girls. The details of this will be catered towards the best interest of the individuals and for OWAY.

The beauty of this system is that the girls have total freedom to pursue their own careers. They will always have ZERO debt and are not bound to repay anything unless they earn a salary more than sufficient to live on. Those wealthier will repay more, and those poorer will repay less.

The money we receive from these girls will be directly used to enabling more girls to attend the University of Oxford.

Thus, a socially-driven investor who provides enough money to fund one girl through university will in effect be funding several girls in his/her lifetime, thus multiplying the impact he/she will be making.

We are currently looking to raise funds to kickstart our work for the first time. Please do be a part of helping us kick off!