Currently, with your support, we may enable some of these opportunities for the first time ever:

  • a young woman born in Afghanistan or an Afghan refugee community in Syria, Pakistan, Iran, Central Asia, and India, to, for the first time ever, undertake their full undergraduate degrees at the University of Oxford.
  • The first time an undergraduate student might receive a full scholarship to pursue medicine at the University of Oxford, a full six-year program.
  • And of course, the opportunity for every young women around the world from countries of violence and armed conflict and/or with natural disasters to access undergraduate education at the University of Oxford.



In the future aim is to extend this financial opportunity for young women to study, beyond the University of Oxford, in any western undergraduate institution around the world, such as places like MIT, Harvard, University of Cambridge, and Yale.
We also hope to begin paving a route for boys and girls from the poorest and most illiterate parts of the world to have the ability to make competitive applications to the top institutions around the world, including the University of Oxford.

uganda1Our first step to achieving this goal is to support and partner with organizations working toward boosting the quality of secondary schools in the countries of our beneficiaries. Simple solutions such as internet access in high schools can bring to students free world-class education from sources like Khan AcademyMIT OpenCourseWare, and Edx. philippines1b