How to Get Involved

OWAY has always been run by 100% unpaid volunteers. We welcome any help from individuals who are passionate about providing young Afghan women with the opportunities to pursue higher education. We are looking for a range of skill sets, including (but not limited to):

  • UK or USA college admissions tutoring
  • A-level, AP level, or SAT / ACT tutoring (any subjects)
  • English language tutoring
  • Translation (Pashto/Dari)
  • Business / Strategy for OWAY (eg. measuring impact, scaling, sustainability)
  • Fundraising / Marketing / Accounting / Financial Modelling
  • IT / Web design
  • … and many other skills sets

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please email us at .

Rt Andrew Smith MP, British Member of Parliament for Oxford East & Oxford alumnus: “One Woman A Year [International] is a fantastic charitable organisation that aims to educate and nurture future female leaders from the least developed societies by providing them with an Oxford University education. As a city Oxford prides itself from welcoming people from across the world and from all walks of life, and Oxford University has facilitated some of the finest education and research across the centuries. One Woman A Year relies on donations from patrons to help fund an Oxford University education for some of the most talented women across the world from countries that are often mired in conflict or humanitarian disaster. We all know how a good education can be transformative, empowering women with the knowledge and skills required to participate fully in their society. Education is important for everyone, and fair access is vital, both because of the opportunities it can bring on an individual level, but also because the educational achievements of women can have far reaching effects within society and across generations, helping to close the gap on inequality and to lift families out of poverty. However for women in many countries, education is a privilege that is all too often out of their reach. In donating to One Woman A Year, patrons can play a huge role in transforming lives and in empowering them to address the pressing global issues directly affecting citizens in their own countries. I hope you will all spread the word of this important organisation, and donate where you can.