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If you are a young woman born in a country under situations of violence or recovering from a natural disaster, as those listed below, please consider applying to the University of Oxford (link), before mid-October of every year. (For example, if you apply before 15 October 2014 and are successfully admitted in January 2015, you may begin your studies in October 2015.)

Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Somalia, Central Africa Republic, Sudan, South Sudan, Algeria, regional delegation in Antananarivo, Burundi, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Dakar, Eritrea, Ethiopia and the African Union, regional delegation in Harare, Liberia, Guinea, Libya, Nairobe, Niger, Nigeria, Pretoria, Rwanda, Uganda, Tunis, Yaounde

Americas: Colombia, Haiti, Brasilia, Lima, Aboriginal people (North Americans and Australians), Caracas Venezuela, Mexico

Asia: Afghanistan*, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand, Nepal, regional delegation in the Pacific, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Juala Lumbur, Bangledesh, North Korea

Middle East: Syria, Iraq, Israel and the occupied territories, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait

* Please not if you were not, but one of your parents was, born in Afghanistan or an Afghan refugee community outside of Afghanistan, such as in Pakistan, Iran, Central Asia, or India, you will also qualify for our scholarship.

Prospective applicants need to apply separately and be successfully admitted in January to the University of Oxford in order to receive an OWAY scholarship. We currently do not have the capacity to provide advice or assistance on how to apply to the University of Oxford, and we do not have control over any acceptance decisions. Please refer to the University of Oxford undergraduate admissions web pages for more information.

If you are successfully admitted and have been granted an interview at a college, please email us at with your name, country, and the college at which you are being interviewed. Please only contact us if you have been granted an interview. We will contact you in February of 2014.

We cannot guarantee that we can provide you with a full scholarship, but we will do our best. We will select candidates based on their financial need, as well as on their potential to become world leaders and to bolster the human capital within their countries.

Other Scholarships which you may qualify for are: Oxford REACH  and the St. Edmund’s College JCR Crisis Scholarship, both of which are run by the University of Oxford and completely separate from OWAY. We have neither influence nor guarantee on the outcome of your application to these scholarship opportunities. Please go directly to the contacts listed on their websites for more information.

Qualifications: Please remember that successful applications may possibly require high A-level or International Baccalaureate, English TOEFL or IELTS, and course-specific exam scores, as well as subsequent in-person or electronic interviews. The British Council in your home country may have more information on these topics.

Finances: the University of Oxford accepts students regardless of whether or not you have enough funds to meet the tuition and living costs for 3-years of undergraduate study at the time when you submit your application. However, if you get accepted, you may need to show you have funding for at least one year’s worth of tuition and fees in order to obtain a British Student VISA. Please contact the University of Oxford directly for more queries.